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Tuesday, 18 May 2010 11:47
Tourists at Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

Tourists at Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy, Image by howardignatius via Flickr

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Landmark: Sterkfontein Caves

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Country: South Africa

Region: Eastern

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Region: Sardegna

City: Budduso

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Country: Italy

Region: Sardegna

Landmark: Blackcomb Glacier

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Country: Canada

Region: British Columbia

Blackcomb Glacier Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada, located just eas...

City: Bajada del Agrio

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Country: Argentina

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Bajada del Agrio is a village and municipality in the Picunches department in Neuquén Province in s...

City: Brasilia

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Country: Brazil

Region: Distrito Federal

Brasília (Portuguese pronunciation: [bɾaˈziljɐ]) is the federal capital of Brazil and the s...

Landmark: Tozeur

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Country: Chad

Tozeur (Arabic: توزر‎, Berber: Tuzer / ⵜⵓⵣⴻⵔ) is an oasis and a city in south west T...

Landmark: Tilde Bridge

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Country: Cameroon

Region: ExtremeNord

City: Garacad

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Country: Somalia

Region: Mudug

Garacad is a town in the north-central Mudug region of Somalia....


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  • user avatar Re:Chinese Ghost Cities
    draculgal 17.7.2016 21:21
    The China ghost cities are real, but I don't think you can visit them.

    Most of them were built in the early 2000s. Remember China has an overpopulation problem. The idea here was moving the af...

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  • user avatar Chinese Ghost Cities
    priesrose 17.7.2016 21:16
    Are the so-called Chinese ghost cities real? Or are they just western propaganda to make China look bad?

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  • user avatar Is France even safe these days?
    priesrose 17.7.2016 21:14
    Terrorist attacks are taking place every day. First it was the Charlie Hebdo attacks, then it was the attack at a rock concert, together with an attack at a soccer game, and now this Nice attack.

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  • user avatar Turkey Coup
    patricia 17.7.2016 21:10
    My brother and I love to travel.

    But right now I am in the US, and my brother is in Turkey, Istanbul to be precise.

    I managed to communicate with him. He is fine, but a little scared.


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  • user avatar Train or bus from Bergen to Voss
    ghostpf 9.7.2016 3:53
    My wife and I will be traveling from Bergen to Voss on September 30. What is the best option? Train or bus? They seem to be equally fast.

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